Sunday, May 15, 2011


Tomorrow Michael will pick up our first order from Los Poblanos Organics

Many of us are becoming concerned and informing ourselves about nutrition and food safety. We have our own little kitchen garden with some lettuce and spinach this year. Maybe our strawberries will begin to sprout soon. I love to use these in my healthy smoothies, which I've started to make since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. They're really good for everyone! I recently discovered that the common day lily, every part of it is edible. I have one small one that should be spreading over the years, guaranteeing that we will never go hungry. How awesome is that?! The Creator has provided everything we need. The day lily is just one of those things. Check out for some great ideas as well as and to find out how some people are working to abolish hunger.

I'll let you know how the veggies are!

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debjdarby said...

As promised, here is my critique of the produce from Los Poblanos Organics...
My bottom line is, I gave thanks for my food. The artichokes were a little bitter. I didn't get the beets I ordered, and I had planned on roasting them like Suzanne Somers does. Her recipe sounded so good, too! :0( At least they substituted some strawberries for the missing beets; but they were sour.
I'll give them another chance because I believe in supporting local industry as much as possible...and wait for my strawberry plants to sprout.