Sunday, June 30, 2013







Ugh, the heat!  Most everyone in the northern hemisphere is under the same oppressive electric blanket; but I still feel the need to connect with you all. Misery loves company much?

I know you will forgive me for slacking on posts. Last night was a visit to the ER with daughter and SIL. Now that she's slowing her every-20-min visits to the "throne room", I can breathe and give thanks that she was told it's a virus. Poor, young hubby was really worried!

Thursday and Friday were not the best days for Michael...thankfully, meds really do work, but we need to start getting ahead of the pain more now. Although he slept a lot off and on, I was too distracted to do anything too productive, so still just one pillow finished. Having an old phone that takes pictures, but not very well makes getting out the real camera, uploading with the cable...well, blech.

Thank you for your patience, although I'm sure you haven't been holding your breath unless it's to dive underwater! I wish you popsicles, water balloon fights, slip n slides, Marco Polo and tasty concrete. ;0)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today Michael and I heard an ad on talk radio with a lot of information about vitamin D. I've known for a while that most Americans are deficient in it, but hearing the numbers that we need to be healthy was a bit of a shock...we're talking from 1,000's to tens of 1,000's. Getting sunshine every day doesn't even bring us up to proper levels. Soooo, I'm thinking...could that be another reason why I'm so sleepy lately? My friend joked recently that "at our age, the new Happy Hour is a nap". Well it's no joke! Yes, I have the Type II Diabetes, I'll be 60 next year and being Michael's caretaker is draining sometimes; but I decided to order the "free" bottle ($5.95 S&H) and give it a try. It was advertised that I should notice a difference by the time I'm finished with the supply. I'll do my best to get back with a report.

The duvet cover is almost finished. All that's needed is the closure. I decided on velcro, and should be able to finish it within 1/2 an hour. My excuses for not having it done are that I had a sad day which also made me sleepy/tired, I've had to make sure and water our plants more, and had to prepare our guest room for a friend who came for an overnight visit. The thing is, the duvet is already working great! After filling it with the duvet, of course I had to try it out on the bed just to see, and there it's stayed for a few nights. One more run to JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics for pillow forms, and I'll be ready to whip them up. I also got a bleach pen to experiment on the scraps with designs. Photos to follow.

Praying abundant blessings on us all tonight.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm waiting for my linen and muslin fabrics to air dry before starting to make my own duvet cover.

If you dare, look at the price...and we have a King!

Not so many pillows or so much lace. BEAUTY!

Got my fabric for under $100 with a JoAnn Fabrics coupon. JOY!


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Our Father, YOU are the Most High, yet the most humble, the Healer Who allowed Yourself to be injured and killed for us, the Provider of every good and perfect gift from Your storehouse of riches both material and spiritual, Who gave it all up to live in poverty, surrounded by hate and all evil, yet Yourself, pure Love, the Lover of our souls when we ignored, even rejected You. Thank You for hearing our childlike, even our childish prayers. Thank You for eyes to see even the invisible, ears to hear both the sounds of creation and Your still, small voice...too many wonders to name!

Monday, June 3, 2013

SoCal Vacation 2013 - Part II

Oooohkie Dohkie!

I just know I had some captivating, thrilling, heartwarming things to say in Part II. That was 3 months ago. As I hint in Part I, here is my attempt to wow you with tales of the rest of our 11-day vacation.

Pure joy was seeing Aly happy and healthy and having fun with us. One evening in Laguna Beach, we celebrated her 24th birthday with her, boyfriend Chris and his parents, Sandi and Craig. Yes, it's love!

What an awesome morning we shared with Aly at the beach the next day! Then on to San Clemente  to her favorite burger place for lunch. The afternoon found Michael a bit worn out, and by the time we got to my sister's in San Diego, he had developed a fever and chills. :0(

Good thing her neighbor couple are both doctors in the E.R. at the nearby Grossmont Hospital. Dr. Jay called ahead and got him right in where they diagnosed cellulitis in his leg, prescribed antibiotics and sent him home. This far out, the rest of the trip is a kind of blur, but I do remember Michael's macho, independent streak rearing it's head at the airport when he refused to let me get him a wheelchair! grrrr. Gotta love him, he never quits. TRUTH!

Here's beauty, because we all know there's no place like home...