Monday, July 25, 2011

Lawbreakers and Lovers - Act II or Do What You Want

This post isn't so much about Lovers, but more about Lawbreakers, delight, life goals and personal desires. It's not as much about rules and what God doesn't want, but what He does.

Maybe you don't really care what God wants. Still, I think you'll find it interesting whether you are a believer in Him or wonder such things as, "If there is a God, and He's supposedly good, why does He allow suffering?"

Here's love from me to you!


Packy Savvenas said...


Packy here, nice to see you have your very own website. Sweetness and God bless...

Amy and Packy

debjdarby said...

Great to see you too, Packy! Thanks for stopping by. Come back again soon.