Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sandiago's at the Tram

Oh. my. GOODNESS!...and I mean that literally! If you saw my post in Whatcha Need about the certificates, you'll be up to speed. We had a delightful surprise visiting Sandiago's for the first time since moving to Albuquerque almost 20 years ago. We went expecting to use our certificate. The wait was a little long, but my Sandia (Spanish for watermelon) Sunset Margarita made the wait worth it. Several wait staff and the owner continued to check on us and offer little extras like plain chopped tomatoes for Michael who can no longer eat anything spicy. I ordered the Lime Cilantro shrimp and he decided on Baja halibut tacos. Both were absolutely delicious! We especially liked the pesto risotto that came with my shrimp. Eventhough we planned on using the certificate, it seemed that 4 shrimp was a bit sparse, so we asked the owner if that was the usual amount served. He promptly brought us 2 more along with a small dish of the risotto. After a few more bites, Michael got up to go and compliment him on the food and service. While he was up, our waitress came by and told me that he had comped my meal! We will definitely be using our certificate next time, and probably soon. Why don't you come and visit and you can join us?

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