Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling like a slug

This is not to toot my own horn. I was starting to feel guilty that I hadn’t done much today, so I decided to write down exactly what I did. I know you feel the same sometimes.
What I did today -

Read non-fiction

Ate a healthy breakfast

Prayed, read and shared scripture online

Talked to BFF on phone

Encouraged some online friends

Ate a healthy lunch

Called my Dad

Made homemade tortilla chips for a friend’s birthday

Played Words With Friends for ½ hour

Gave hubby a massage

Ate a healthy dinner

Wrote this post.

Seeing it in writing, I don’t feel so bad after all. Besides, guilt comes from our enemy…”There is therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” My heart just smiled. See?...

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debjdarby said...

Dear godsprincess,
You are more than welcome for the post and thank you for commenting and blessing ME!
Whatever your circumstances, NEVER forget who you are in Christ...truly the Father's princess.