Sunday, March 4, 2012

I have a dirty little secret.
My husband is my servant.
He's really not, but that's how he makes me feel. Friday morning he asked me to go to one of his doctor appointments with him, which is different. When I was working, I couldn’t go all the time. Of course I said sure, just wake me up an hour before we need to leave. I woke up to him coming in already dressed because he had let me sleep in through the whole appointment! I felt so sad, ashamed and guilty I cried, but partly because of his thoughtfulness to me.
True, he’s one who finds it difficult to sit still; but even with all he’s been through, he truly treats me like his queen.

It’s almost embarrassing how much he does for me. Not enough for me to keep silent about it anymore, though. He starts with bringing me coffee every morning, and ends by always making sure the house is locked up at night. He didn’t always treat me like this, and if you were to ask him, he’d say that we have a true partnership...that I do as much for him. I guess that’s what really makes me feel like royalty. He respects me and my opinions or ways of doing things that he recognizes might be better than his so that we work together really well now. Instead of being embarrassed, it’s time I reveled in his goodness to me and honored him with my little confession.

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