Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I fully expect to see some joking comments, lose some friends on Facebook where I spend the majority of my time online, and maybe gain a few more who are in those friends’ “woo woo” category…I just have to finally share this. Especially today! I’ve shared my experience over the last year with just a very few close and highly trusted friends and family members. One of my children still explains it as “the brain” being an amazing thing, even after I told her this morning what had happened. OK, but what part of the brain, or rather, where did the thought to act come from?
I have some online and in person friends who are very “spiritual”, but don’t necessarily agree with me about everything. Those who know me, know that I unashamedly profess my faith in Jesus Christ as the virgin-born, crucified, buried, risen Son of God, the Savior Who has allowed me to look forward to Heaven.
Since committing my life to Christ, I have always been very careful to follow God’s rules in the Old Testament about not consulting mediums, witches, the stars or any other occult or pagan practices, but some of my online friends are not so careful. I do believe in the angelic realm, including fallen angels, and am fascinated by science and the direction it’s been going in areas of  “the God factor”, brain science, heart science, healing and bringing spirituality and science together. It is so exciting to me to see more and more science explaining what we read in scripture. I know that numbers have significance in scripture, but I don’t know if this falls under “numerology” as such. It does concern sequences of numbers, especially 1’s…11:11.
Since I was introduced to the idea that there is a “shift” coming, some are looking for the rapture of the church, doomsday or for aliens or angels to come to our aid with amazing new information, I became one of those who began to randomly see these sequences of numbers when I happened to look at a clock. It started at the end of 2010, and became so frequent that I started recording it on my calendar in January of this year.
The Fall of 2010 was a stressful time for me and my co-workers, as the company I worked for was sold and began to downsize. I made it through this time partly because of seeing these numbers, and began to take them as signs that God had dispatched angels to minister to me. As the ax fell on co-worker after co-worker, I was comforted and had no fear of the future. Each time I saw a sequence, I was delighted and calmed. I continued my usual routine every day of spending time with the Lord, reading scripture and praying. The first day I recorded was January 2 – 11:11. Then 11:11 and 3:33 on the 3rd and 4th. Sure enough, I was laid off on the 6th. During January and up until today, it has been at least once every week, usually more than once.
Last night, I woke up and glanced at the clock – 12:12...on 12/12/2012! And then, driving home from the grocery store, again! 12:12! I think you can understand how this has left an impression on me. I plan to continue my daily routine of going to the Lord whether I get hit by a truck, the world ends in 9 days or ET’s come to my door!
What about you? There is so much uncertainty and are so many reasons to be anxious. Can you face the next hour, day, week and eternity with no fear? I never needed or looked for any signs, but I honestly believe that they are a gift to me, maybe because I already believed. My faith in a good and mighty Savior was enough. This has been quite a bonus!

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