Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Absolutes I Live By and Why

 Life is short – eternity is long, but it begins NOW!

This gives me a big picture perspective regardless of my circumstances. It keeps me balanced, knowing that I must number my days, enjoy the blessings and realize that the tests and trials are only for this life…IF you know where you will spend eternity. Prepare and live as though eternity is real life, while making the most of every moment presented to you in this one.

I am not the Master of the Universe, but I know the One Who Is

This One is always good and makes my life an amazing adventure worth living!

Life is precious, especially human life

Be careful not to create a new life if you’re not ready to take responsibility for it and provide for it. This is how we get closer to ending poverty. However, it is never a mistake if God chooses to allow you to have a child, but a blessing. If you don’t feel that it is, offer life to a childless couple. They certainly will!
 Also, never end a life unless it is truly in self-defense and all other means have been exhausted.  Always promote peace. Why? I really need to explain?
Teach your children how to sustain humanity through stable families with a father and a mother and some siblings if they so choose; but also prepare them to possibly be unable to reproduce. None of us knows the future, and we need to remain resilient.

The Earth is precious, and we must be good stewards of it wherever we are

No explanation necessary.

Truth is truth 

 When two ideas conflict, only one of them can be true.

When feeling down, give thanks

We truly need very little...but gratitude for it makes us feel rich! Make a prayerful "Happy List" starting at the top of your head, that you have a functioning the tip of your toes, that you can walk. Food, clothing and shelter, acceptance, a sense of belonging for most, security, and for some, a more heightened sense of accomplishment are just about all. When we have everything we need, we can experience so much more joy and peace just using the senses God gave us.

God is never late

When something is broken or missing from your "Happy List", ASK and keep on asking God for it. Everyone knows a watched pot never boils.  Waiting for the Lord is much easier if we just pray, leave our request with Him, and move forward with thanksgiving and gratitude for all He is and all He has done. Don’t get stuck standing over the pot!


Try to find the fast, easy way to do things

There are so many things I want to do and experience, even pushing 60, that I can’t waste any time.

Know your limits and never apologize for them

Our bodies and minds are rechargeable, but we must take responsibility to plug in to rest and re-creation. Practice healthy boundaries. It gets easier with practice and many times relationships do too.

Try not to jump to conclusions

Things are not always what they seem.

Speak little and listen much

2 ears and 1 one mouth make this a no-brainer.
My girls took me to see Les Miserables last night. It's an old story, and beautifully demonstrates some of these absolutes and more. Much love...

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