Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SoCal Vacation 2013 - Part I

I've been busy having so many adventures, that I haven't had time or energy to blog about them! I hope you've missed me, because I really enjoy sharing with all of you.

We've had a fantastic vacation the last couple of weeks, except for 2 days with little glitches for Michael. Each day since we've been back, he's been getting a little better, and in my opinion is going to beat ANOTHER enemy with extreme prejudice! What a fighter he is!!

Here's some beauty, some joy and some love

Some of the beauty is obvious. Some of it is just noticeable to me in the story of my amazing family and friends.

So too, the joy of 35 years of prayers answered is best appreciated by our family; but the story is too good not to be shared. Beautiful children from different parentage and those parents coming together for their sake are rare gifts. The elevation of love above all else is the only explanation for the miracles we've witnessed.

More joy came with feasts to the eyes and mouth!

Truth is, friendship has been maintained, spiritual and physical new life begun, marriage preserved, health and long life provided (Can you believe that Michael's Aunt is 90?!). One of the new lives only came (back) into ours late.

One last shot I hope you'll find beautiful and brings you as much joy as it did me. Then, I think this adventure needs a Part II!  xoxo


Carol Pack Urban said...

How wonderful! What a fantastic holiday with your family! God bless to you, Michael and your entire family.

Deb Darby said...

Thank you, Carol! Stay tuned for Part II.