Monday, June 3, 2013

SoCal Vacation 2013 - Part II

Oooohkie Dohkie!

I just know I had some captivating, thrilling, heartwarming things to say in Part II. That was 3 months ago. As I hint in Part I, here is my attempt to wow you with tales of the rest of our 11-day vacation.

Pure joy was seeing Aly happy and healthy and having fun with us. One evening in Laguna Beach, we celebrated her 24th birthday with her, boyfriend Chris and his parents, Sandi and Craig. Yes, it's love!

What an awesome morning we shared with Aly at the beach the next day! Then on to San Clemente  to her favorite burger place for lunch. The afternoon found Michael a bit worn out, and by the time we got to my sister's in San Diego, he had developed a fever and chills. :0(

Good thing her neighbor couple are both doctors in the E.R. at the nearby Grossmont Hospital. Dr. Jay called ahead and got him right in where they diagnosed cellulitis in his leg, prescribed antibiotics and sent him home. This far out, the rest of the trip is a kind of blur, but I do remember Michael's macho, independent streak rearing it's head at the airport when he refused to let me get him a wheelchair! grrrr. Gotta love him, he never quits. TRUTH!

Here's beauty, because we all know there's no place like home...


Amanda Grant said...

That's awesome Mama, LOVE your writings :o)

Deb Darby said...

Why thank you, Dahling! I'm glad they bless you. <3