Sunday, September 1, 2013

There went August, and there went Summer!
Now it's September. It will always be bittersweet for me now. There will be 9/11, our grandson's birthday and our son's wedding anniversary. For their sakes and for future generations, I post this with prayers of gratitude that my children have been spared the personal horrors of war, and that peace will reign first in hearts and then on Earth. Please, Father.

I know I'm stepping on some toes by posting this; however, I must be honest with you all. This is what I've come to after 35 years of watching current events, studying scriptures and listening for the voice of the LORD. I, too have loved "God's people", and I still do. I have accepted and "believed" that it is God's will that none should perish while at the same time accepting that His "people", including some in His ecclesia could support the slaughter of millions. I've almost always leaned towards being a "peacenik". The mama bear in me came out as my children were born, and I certainly believe in self-defense. 9/11 disturbed me as much as it did anyone; BUT now I have to ask myself, "WHO are God's people if He wishes that NONE should perish?" Please do not take this as a judgement of anyone who has or continues to serve in the military. I am so grateful for the peaceful life I and my children have lived. I give God all the credit for it, and maybe He has used some of you to provide us with it. Maybe not. I pray that swords will start to be beaten into plowshares more and more. My disclaimer about the following...I would have used the name "Churchians" instead of "so-called christians". Remember, that "Christian" was a derogatory name given by their enemies. He still says it almost exactly as I believe to be true. I pray that we will all be strong and of good courage, full of love and wearing our shoes of the gospel of peace in the days to come.

"I have realized that It baffles me how many so-called "christians" are in support of Israel when it comes to the coming war on Syria... there are 2 million christians in Syria who will be murdered by american and Israeli weaponry in a contrived war that only benefits the Cabalists that control Israeli & US foreign policy...
This is where the rubber meets the road... Do folks really believe that Christ-rejecting jews are more important in God's eyes than the 2 million christians in Syria... or even more valuable than the millions of arabs who haven't heard the Gospel as of yet...?
Dominion Theology has poisoned your minds and calloused your hearts if you believe that any military action in Syria will benefit Christ... in fact, attacking Syria will bring such a severe blowback against Israel that ALL the jews, arabs and gentiles that currently live there will be in the crossfires...
How can you support an US/Israeli "interventionist" foreign policy that pre-emptively attacks a nation that is struggling to stay upright amidst US/British/Israeli supported "rebels" that are murdering entire villages and cannibalizing the victims..?
This isn't a "civil war" happening in Syria... it is foreign mercenaries and religious islamist zealots being exploited by western powers to justify invasion as a "response"... Wake UP and realize that your sentimentalities are being exploited by sociopaths...!"
Elliot Ridgway.

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