Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Families and friends come and go, Christmas celebrations change, but the One we celebrate stepped out of eternity. He always was, He is present with us now if we invite Him to be. He never changes, and He will be the King of Love for eternity future. He is also the King of Angels, King of Kings, Wisdom of wise men who come to worship, Good Shepherd of the poor shepherds, in fact, the one Who cares for us silly, weak sheep, so easily getting lost, Child to the childless, Brother to the fatherless. His Father is our Father when we go to our home in His heart of our adoption. Yeshua, Jesus, Issa, Lord, Master, full of the Holy Spirit, pure, perfect, not like us, but came here to be, veiled in flesh, so that we could one day be like Him and be with Him and our Father Who are so worthy of our worship...forever.

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