Saturday, November 14, 2009

Question upon waking - Is it a migraine or sinus headache, or is my sinus or sore neck and back causing a migraine?

Answer - Execedrin Migraine, massager on neck, one cup of coffee and then:

To Do
Make notes for blog for later.
Hunt for charm for Traveling Bracelet
Brother Gregory
Check email

To Be
Available to Michael today - will he want to take a drive?
So happy it's Saturday!

Checking email, I found it necessary to reply to one about a Petition for Redress of Grievances to the American Government. As I told my friend, a young father, a pastor and a former soldier, I don't want to be foolish; but this was so well written and such a strong message to our elected officials, that I am keeping it, talking about it and planning to send it after asking the Lord for wisdom. After he had seen combat, he felt it is worded maybe too threateningly, and actually said "it will get you arrested." Another friend who's running for office said "it won't do any good and might get you on some list. It might be better to use stealth and surprise." I didn't ask him exactly what he meant. I didn't have the courage to; but neither did either of these men to simply send a message they agreed with to their representatives. Is it me? Is it that I'm female? I just don't get it. Questions for my Father. If you're interested in reading it, send me an email.

Michael was tired today, and Erin called and invited me to help her shop for a dress for her 5-year anniversary dinner with Brian tonight. There's that sponteneity I need to nurture! What a fun time we had looking for my charm and her dress and filming our treasure hunt. I'll try to get it posted on Fab40 soon. Here's a still shot of the two of us taken this summer.

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