Thursday, June 13, 2013


Our Father, YOU are the Most High, yet the most humble, the Healer Who allowed Yourself to be injured and killed for us, the Provider of every good and perfect gift from Your storehouse of riches both material and spiritual, Who gave it all up to live in poverty, surrounded by hate and all evil, yet Yourself, pure Love, the Lover of our souls when we ignored, even rejected You. Thank You for hearing our childlike, even our childish prayers. Thank You for eyes to see even the invisible, ears to hear both the sounds of creation and Your still, small voice...too many wonders to name!


Laurie P, said...

Amen. Yes. The source of all. First cause. "And yet intimately acquainted with all my ways." I'm praising God with you.

Deb Darby said...

Keep it up, Laurie; and I will, too! <3